The Will of the Woods and Witch Hunter artwork

There’s a lot of beautiful art inspired by our audio drama’s. This page puts a selection of The Will of the Woods and Witch Hunter artwork on display:

The Will of the Woods artwork

Artwork inspired by the audio drama…

 Domien De Groot

Drawing has always been an important hobby of Domien. But he’s a bit shy about it and it has been a long while since he made a drawing… But like listening to movie scores, it has always helped him to draw some scenes from the story whenever he was writing the script of a new audio drama.

Ilias Vertenten

Ilias is a very talented friend who does great artwork and who has been experimenting with digital 3D models lately…

Aron Bohdanowicz

Aron is an allround talented guy who spends a lot of his spare time fiddling and creating. He bakes awesome cakes that are beautiful, imaginative and tasty! He also does some voice work for Audio Epics, like the southern and the French rat and Voltom in The Will of the Woods and Death and Gustav Finsterdunkle in Witch Hunter.

Witch Hunter artwork

Artwork inspired by the 1st audio drama version of Witch Hunter and the dramatized audiobook.

Eva Brarens

Eva is an awesome artist who earns a living creating beautiful websites. She can manage both the technical (coding) and the creative (web design) part of that! She has amazing all-round creative skills.

Matias Tapia

Matias Tapia is a very talented freelance illustrator and concept artist from Santiago (Chile). We are so grateful he was inspired by Witch Hunter and we’ve used his artwork a lot. He has only grown as an artist after that and has even done artwork for RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons.

Domien De Groot

These drawings have helped Domien a great deal when imagining and creating his audio dramas.

Dennis Hager

Dennis Hager is a graphic designer from the Netherlands who sent us his cover idea for Witch Hunter. Great atmosphere!

Mihaela Rotea

Mihaela Rotea is an amazing artist from Transylvania (Romania) who currently lives in Belgium. Instead of drinking people’s blood she spends her days creating awesome murals and paintings. We asked her to draw our ‘map of Sevenpeaks’ and she did a wonderful job with that!

Do YOU want to be on our art page?
It’s simple: Let your creativity out and make art inspired by one of our stories. Then contact us or send it as a private post on our Facebook page. We might like it and use your work (with your permission of course) and/or display it here. In that case you get full credit and we will include a link to your website on our homepage.