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Let’s be honest… We don’t buy what we don’t already know.
Since we live in an era where people want everything for free, we have decided from the start to make our audiobooks and audio dramas available in episodes, without hiding them behind a paywall. We would much rather put our energy into new exciting audio projects than in trying to win the battle against piracy.

But, creating an audio drama or dramatized audiobook takes a lot of time, energy and passion. So, of course, we appreciate every form of support we can get! Here are some ways in which you can support us:

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Our Patreon platform was launched on Wednesday March 17th 2021 during an international business meeting. We announced this on Podbean and YouTube on Sunday March 21st.  Within 30 minutes we got our first two Patrons. We’re very grateful for the immediate support of these pioneers. We hope for a long and prolific period of exciting writing and a lot of new audio creations. Thank you so much and we hope to meet you on our Patreon platform! Check it out to find out which awesome rewards you can get!

Here are the names of our wonderful Patron supporters!

Thank you for your reviews!

Thank you for reviewing our audiobooks, audio drama and novel(la)s! Your listener reviews on YouTube are of great value! They encourage us to keep going, even when there is barely enough time or budget. Your positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are a delight to read!


Witch Hunter novel (1st edition)

Witch Hunter novel (2nd edition)

Witch Hunter dramatized audiobook

The Beast of the Western Wilds novel

The Will of the Woods audio drama


Witch Hunter (paperback, 1st edition)

Witch Hunter (paperback novel, 2nd edition)

Witch Hunter (Kindle e-book)

Witch Hunter (paperback novel, 3rd edition)

The Beast of the Western Wilds (paperback)


Witch Hunter (paperback novel, 2nd edition)

Witch Hunter (paperback novel, 3rd edition)

The Beast of the Western Wilds (paperback)

Thank you for subscribing and following!

Thank you so much for subscribing to our YouTube channel. Thank you for following us on Twitter and Facebook! Thank you for connecting with us and our business on LinkedIn. You are right there with us to look forward to new stories and episodes.

We value your retweets and reactions, your emotions and feedback on social media. Because of you, we can make each project better.

Thank you for your recommendations!

We cannot thank those enough who have shared the links to our YouTube channel, Podbean and Bandcamp page. Thank you for recommending our stories to friends and family. Seeing the number of our subscribers grow and our stories reaching a bigger audience is very encouraging. And it’s all thanks to you!

Also, thank you for recommending us for our services! Thank you for telling people they can hire us. Do you have anyone in your network who is looking for a voice over, (copy)writer or translator? We would love to get in touch and work together!

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Some of you have bought physical copies of our audiobooks and audio drama. Nothing says ‘I appreciate what you’re creating’ more than that. So, thank you for buying our books on Amazon.

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Thank you for creating!

Thank you to all of you who have been inspired by one of our projects and who have started creating themselves! We would love you to display your artwork on our website and share it with other fans. Or we would be happy to share the things we’ve inspired you to create! Just contact us and send us your work or hyperlink.

Thank you for donating!

Thank you for donating to our projects on this website. Even the smallest amount is like an encouraging slap on the shoulder.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For your anticipation. For your patience. For your support!
Thank you for feeling for the characters, laughing and crying with us, for allowing us to take you along on an adventure in your mind!

We would like you to think that with each project we create, you’ve created a part of it with us. We are truly grateful for all of your help!