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10 horror tropes in audio that really work

NewsTropes in horror movies The horror genre has some very clear tropes that especially stand out in the movies. Who doesn't get creeped out by a (ghost) child running across the hall in a classic haunted house movie, so unnaturally fast that you can only catch a...

Join our delightful Patreon community!

NewsThe official pre-launch... On Wednesday March 17th 7:30 a.m. CET we had the honour of pre-launching our Patreon page to our local business community. Since the Covid restrictions were still in effect and we were not allowed to organize a physical meeting, we...

The dramatized audiobook

NewsThe Dramatized audiobook On communities like Reddit you often read questions from people looking for: 'Audio books with music and sound effects' 'Audiobooks with sound effects and various voice actors' 'Audiobooks with voice acting and sound effects' 'Audiobooks...