As a married couple from Flanders (Belgium), we create original audio dramas and dramatized audiobooks in English. All of them have won awards or were nominated for awards so far. We want to create what we feel is missing in the entertainment industry: classic fantasy stories that don’t try to educate or allegorize, are timeless, inspiring, original (no remakes or adaptations) and fun. In creating them we don’t follow any checklists or agenda’s. We just follow our guts and create what we love. Our inspiration comes from J.R.R. Tolkien, Warhammer fantasy roleplay, The Elder Scrolls, the popular fantasy movies from the eighties, etc.

We are very passionate about fantasy and storytelling and eager to share our take on it with the world. 

The Treasure of Boneyard Bay

The Treasure of Boneyard Bay is a spin-off of Witch Hunter that takes place before the events in this gothic fantasy story and also before The Beast of the Western Wilds. In this epic treasure hunt Ludlov is still an Initiate in the Witch Hunter Order. On his way to achieving the rank of Witch Hunter he is recruited to find the fabled treasure of Boneyard Bay and, being a loner, has to learn to rely on others to find it.

The Beast of the Western Wilds

The Beast of the Western Wilds is a spin-off of Witch Hunter launched in 2018 that takes place before the events in this gothic fantasy story. The Beast is more like a novella in which we get to experience one of Ludlov’s cases as a listener. It’s a standalone fantasy adventure with some horror elements and a couple of references to Witch Hunter for the fans. And of course, there’s a beast involved…

Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter is a large-scale dark fantasy or even gothic fantasy story. This 13-hours-long dramatized audiobook was released in 2015. This version replaces The Witch Hunter Chronicles, which was the first audio version of this epic adventure. It introduced us to the Witch Hunter Ludlov and the city of Sevenpeaks. The original 3,5-hours-long audio drama is no longer available, except for our Creator tier on Patreon. Still, it did win the honourable mention in the Ogle Awards 2010.

The Will of the Woods

The Will of the Woods is a fairytale suitable for all ages. This 2,5-hours long audio drama takes place in the mysterious Infinite Woods, where magic still roams, animals can talk and Elves dwell in the trees. The Will of the Woods won the Gold Ogle Award 2012. This classic fantasy tale is one of our favourite stories. It will transport you to another world, full of wonder, darkness, but also light. Someone once called it ‘The Lord of the Rings for children’, which was the best compliment we could ever hope for!

The Fairy Tree

The Fairy Tree is a co-production between Audio Epics and The Owlfield. It is an immersive 3D audio fantasy adventure written by Domien and produced by Michel Lafrance. You experience the story from a first person perspective. As the story unfolds, you will be surrounded by the characters, sound effects and music and you’ll be able to make choices. This audio drama is a unique binaural experience. As a listener you step into the virtual reality of your own imagination.