Witch Hunter was a very special experience for Audio Epics. It certainly was the most epic and ambitious work we’ve tried to create, and while it wasn’t always easy, it was an amazing experience. The dramatized audiobook quickly became our most popular audio production ever. Outside of the audio version, the book was received enthusiastically as well.

It was always our intention to do more with Witch Hunter. We definitely intend to return to this world at some point in the future. Of course we love Ludlov as a character, but the world he inhabits is bigger and after some deliberation, we decided that we needed an overall title for the stories in this setting. And that title is now The Legacy of Sevenpeaks.

To cement this, the novel Witch Hunter is now re-released on Amazon under the title The Legacy of Sevenpeaks – Book One: Witch Hunter.

This new edition also comes with a map of Sevenpeaks within its pages, drawn by our friend Mihaela Rotea (www.lizart.be). The new version of Witch Hunter will be available on Amazon within the next 5 days.