A tribute to Bill Hollweg
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Published: April 4, 2017


Last update: May 30, 2024

A Tribute to Bill Hollweg

The new episode of our podcast is very brief, but we wanted to devote it to one thing only: a tribute to Bill Hollweg, a great and inspiring man in the world of modern audio drama, a true fan and artist, who sadly passed away this week.

Bill Hollweg was well known in the audio drama community. In 2007 he founded Brokensea Audio Productions with Paul Mannering. They produced some award winning podcasts over the years.

We had our passion for audio in common. Bill, like us, shared his audio dramas online for free.

He was a hard-working creative artist, and a loving father, grandfather and husband. He held down several jobs at once and still made time for his loved ones and to create his audio projects and comics.

Recently, he had started his own business as a graphic designer, a skill he had mastered for more than 20 years. It had been a dream come true.

Bill had the remarkable ability to show unconditional enthusiasm, support and empathy for everyone.

~ Paul Mannering

Bill was always a kind supporter of Audio Epics and his passion was an inspiration for us both.

His life ended abruptly and tragically when he decided to end it. His friends, family, colleagues, fans, and the entire audio drama community were shocked by this tremendous loss.

Because Bill was such a giving person, never asking anyone anything in return, his BrokenSea partner Paul Mannering started a memorial campaign asking for funding. This initiative collected about $ 2000 to aid the family with funeral arrangements. It was in no way able to repay all that Bill gave to the world and a poor compensation, but it was an admirable act of kindness.

The donations have been closed but, since Bill served in the US Navy aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, his loved ones have asked to direct any further contributions to the organization ‘Stop Soldier Suicide‘.

We wish to share our sincerest condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and other loved ones.

Bill Hollweg - picture by Jeff Jividen

Photo by Jeff Jividen (Bill’s shipmate in the US Navy)

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