Interactive adventure ‘The Fairy Tree’ – written by Audio Epics’ Domien De Groot and produced by The Owlfield’s Michel Lafrance – has won the Gold Ogle Award for best fantasy audio drama!

Fairy Tree Award

The Fairy Tree is a unique audio drama in which you are the main character. Listeners can choose whether they will take the wise wizard Magisterius or the mighty warrior Brutus with them on their quest to save the Evergreen Realms. Along the way, they will have to make some difficult choices, each of which leads to a different outcome.

You can listen to The Fairy Tree on Pinna or order it from The Owlfield.

The Ogle Award for Fantasy Audio Drama is a part of the annual Mark Time Awards for excellence in audio drama productions. The award ceremony is held at the HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City, Kansas.

This is the third Ogle Award for Audio Epics, after the Honorable Mention Ogle Award for The Witch Hunter Chronicles in 2010 and the Gold Ogle Award for The Will of the Woods in 2012.