Witch Hunter e-book free today!
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Published: May 19, 2018


Last update: February 22, 2024

Witch Hunter e-book free today!

The finale of Witch Hunter the dramatized audiobook was released exactly 2 years ago. To celebrate this, you can download the Witch Hunter e-book for free on Amazon Kindle, today only!

“If you are a fan of dark fantasy and complex storytelling, this is a must-read!”
~Jia Coleen

Witch Hunter e-book for free - new book cover

Plot summary

Witch Hunter is a dark fantasy novel that tells the story of Ludlov, one of the most respected witch hunters in Sevenpeaks. When Sevenpeaks is overtaken by fear and death, all magic users are blamed for this turmoil. In an attempt to save the city, the Grand General Lady Hoskiv enforces the Magicide Act, which orders the witch hunters to kill all magic users, no exceptions… Ludlov suspects that Samina, a young witch, has more information on the evil cult that killed his wife. After a visit to the dungeon where she’s imprisoned before her execution, he is torn between giving up on his plan for revenge or giving up his reputation.

This is the first novel in The Witch Hunter series, that is set in a gothic fantasy world. The story takes place in and around the biggest city of Ivennendale, Sevenpeaks. The story resolves around Witch Hunter Master Ludlov, former magistrate and widower.

Meanwhile, two spin-offs have been released: The Beast of the Western Wilds, a tale that takes place a couple of years prior to Witch Hunter and The Treasure of Boneyard Bay, a story about Ludlov’s early years with the Witch Hunter Order as an initiate, sent on his first big quest. And this won’t be the last of Ludlov’s adventures… We are currently writing Grauwald’s Game, a deeply disturbing Witch Hunter spin-off. [edit: 2024]

An award-winning story…

Witch Hunter is a story based on a 4-hour audio drama that won an Ogle Award in 2011 (honourable mention). It was reworked into a 13-hour epic dramatized audiobook that was released as a podcast and nominated for a Parsec Award in two categories in 2016.

Reviews from fans

Witch Hunter has received a great number of positive reviews and recommendations from fans online:

– Just astonishing! I highly recommend it!

– Twist after twist after bloody twist. Absolutely brilliant!

– This was amazing. 10/10!

– This was crazy interesting!

– Awesome story!

– Excellent story! I am impressed! This is wonderful!

– My god this is so epic!

– …

For fans of dark fantasy and gothic fantasy in an epic setting

This is the debut novel of Domien De Groot, a writer and voice-over from Audio Epics, who has always been a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and who was inspired by the Warhammer fantasy setting. Fans of Witch Hunter have compared the story to popular games like The WitcherDragon AgeCastlevania and Ravenloft. Lovers of the fantasy classics will probably enjoy this.

Dramatized audiobooks

All of our stories have been released as dramatized audiobooks on YouTube, Podbean, Apple Podcast, Spotify and other podcast platforms for free. Look out for the Audio Epics Podcast.

Since we put all of our theatrical audiobooks online for free, we do appreciate any form of support you can give us. We are grateful for all the likes, shares, comments and we also have a Patreon page.

Audio Epics Patreon tiers overview

patrons have decided to support us on the first day!

Patreon logo Audio Epics

Our patrons inspire us every day to create more content and help us expand our fantasy universe. Moreover, whenever we’re in doubt or we get stuck, we ask for their input, feedback or opinions. On our Patreon page there are polls, exclusive updates on our progress, fun facts and other exclusive content. And there is merchandize that you can’t get anywhere else!

Become a Patron

Join our Patreon community and receive great benefits, both at the moment you join and with the release of each new project. Become a Guardsman ($ 1), Captain of the Guard ($ 3), Witch Hunter ($ 5), Witch Hunter Master ($ 10), Grand General ($ 15), Saint ($ 25) or Creator ($ 50) , Check out which reward you would love the most!

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