The first episode of the podcast is out!

We’ve’ decided to turn Witch Hunter into a podcast! Every week a new episode will be released online!

The first episode is out right now, covering the entire first chapter of the epic dark fantasy adventure.

About the Witch Hunter Podcast

This podcast is an episodic “dramatized audiobook”. That’s a term we came up with to describe an audiobook that comes to life with music, sound effects and the voices of a varied cast.

In a dark renaissance fantasy world, we meet Ludlov, a fierce and devoted Witch Hunter, driven by vengeance. In this first episode of the saga, Ludlov is forced to make his way to the great city of Sevenpeaks when he receives news that the evil cult of the Black Sickle have a plan to murder the Witch Hunter’s beloved mentor…

Every week the podcast will bring a new chapter in the epic saga of Ludlov, the WITCH HUNTER.

Witch Hunter is written by Domien De Groot.
The music is composed by Peter Van Riet.

Cast & Crew


  • Domien De Groot (Narrator, Ludlov,…)
  • Eline Hoskens (Samina)
  • Aron Bohdanowicz (Death, Vathek)
  • Featuring cameos by Ilias Vertenten & Jeroen Hendrickx


  • Peter Van Riet

Sound mixing & postproduction:

  • Domien De Groot


If you like Witch Hunter, you can find the novel on Amazon (e-book and hard copy).

If you want to listen to the entire audiobook in one go, you can purchase the download on Bandcamp.

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