Peter Van Riet

Peter Van Riet is the musical master(mind) who provides Audio Epics with the wonderful music that you hear in our productions.

He is a trained musician with a passion for film music who also composes and performs lots of great music outside of Audio Epics. Be certain to check out his website,, for moreinformation on his musical activities.

Inspiration comes from everything around him (here, between you, me, the tree, theĀ rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship). In the case of Will Of The Woods this was mainly music from Danny Elfman & James Newton howard, with Witch Hunter he was influenced by the broad musical colours of Elliot Goldenthal, Alan Silvestri, Hans Zimmer, Bear McCreary.. and Bach. (yup. Bach is pretty awesome)

Peter is a huge sci-fi fan and loves TV series such as Doctor Who, Fringe, Lost and the re-envisioned Battlestar Galactica of 2003.