The Will of the Woods and Witch Hunter on CD

Both Witch Hunter and The Will of the Woods are now — finally — available on CD!
We’ve always been fans of good old-fashioned physical media. And now, we have finally found a way to release our audio stories on CD! This is great news for fellow CD fans and for those who like to listen to audiobooks or audio drama while driving. With an epic audio drama or audiobook like The Will of the Woods or Witch Hunter on CD, you don’t even have to be afraid anymore of winding up in an enormous traffic jam.

Witch Hunter on CD

Witch Hunter contains thirteen discs and comes in three DVD cases. The main story comes in two parts. Chapters 1 to 6 are in the box with Ludlov on the cover and chapters 7 to 12 are in the DVD case with the Samina cover. A third seperate DVD case contains the ‘History of Sevenpeaks’, the appendix to our story, with the map of Sevenpeaks on its cover. There’s roughly one chapter on each separate disc. All discs have their own original artwork related to the content in that chapter. There are also inlays inside the DVD cases including credits and an annotated map of Sevenpeaks.

Witch Hunter on CD

The Will of the Woods on CD

The Will of the Woods comes in a single DVD case containing three discs. Each disc has original artwork related to the content.The Will of the Woods on CD



If you want to have a better idea about what these products look like, watch our unboxing video on YouTube.


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