Good news everyone! The release of Witch Hunter: the Dramatized Audiobook draws nearer. We’re aiming to release it before the end of 2015 but of course, we want to make it the best it can be. That is our priority. Therefore it is possible we might have to release a little later than that.


Meanwhile, there is still The Witch Hunter Chronicles, the 2010 audio drama, available on Bandcamp. This older version of the story is different from the upcoming Witch Hunter, which truly is the author’s preferred edition of the story. If the story of Sevenpeaks continues, this dramatized audiobook will be considered canon. We’ve thought long about it and concluded that the continued presence of The Witch Hunter Chronicles (old version) next to Witch Hunter: the Dramatized Audiobook (new version) would be confusing for new visitors. For that reason, we are going to discontinue the audio drama The Witch Hunter Chronicles.

Since we know that many of you are fans of the chronicles, we won’t remove it just like that. The audio drama will remain available on bandcamp right up until the release of Witch Hunter. And to make this goodbye a little more bearable, we’re throwing in a GREAT deal!

The Witch Hunter Chronicles is about 3.5 hours long, whereas Witch Hunter will be between 10 and 12 hours long. The dramatized audiobook is set to have an initial selling price of $40. However, if you buy The Witch Hunter Chronicles on Bandcamp for $7 before Christmas, you will receive Witch Hunter for free when it is released! That’s a huge discount, from $40 to $7!

You can find The Witch Hunter Chronicles on Bandcamp. Feedback is always welcome.

Feel free to spread the word!