We’ve done some brainstorming about:

“What if the Will of the Woods were a movie and we were to cast any actor or actress we liked”.


We came up with the following list for our imaginary cast:

Myrilia: Saoirse Ronan

Nuzwick: Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Nuzwick (grown up): Robert Pattinson

Voltom: Jim Broadbent

The Wraith: Alan Rickman

Saffredon: Liam Neeson

Tanna: Julie Walters

Barm: Mark Williams

Redla: Tilda Swinton

Captain of the Rats: James Franco

Southern Rat: Jim Carrey

French Rat: Kevin Kline

The Dorzels: Andy Serkis

The Monster: Christopher Lee


When you listened to The Will of the Woods, which actors or actresses did you think of for the different characters?