The Will of the Woods




The Will of the Woods is a fairy tale for all ages, brought to life by a talented cast of voice actors, a wide range of mysterious and intruiging sound effects and a wonderful music score. Enter the magical world of the Infinite Woods, where a young Elven girl seeks out the help of a …

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Credits Written by Domien De Groot Voice performances directed by Eline Hoskens Sound mixing & postproduction by Domien De Groot Music by Peter Van Riet Cast of Characters: Domien De Groot: Narrator, Barm, The Wraith, Cpt. Winkeye, The Monster Stephanie Cuyt: Myrilia Niklaas Reinhold: Saffredon Eline Hoskens: Nuzwick, Tanna, The Dorzles Grace van Lysebetten: Redla …

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Peter van Riet’s music for “The Will of the Woods” is pure magic. The score was originally written for the Dutch version of this audio drama, “De Wezens van het Woud”, which was made back in 2007. For the English remake, Peter plans to update the sound to a higher level, bringing a more organic …

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