Audio Epics currently has three large projects. There is the upcoming “Witch Hunter”, a large-scale dramatized audiobook, which will appear in 2015.

The audio drama series “The Witch Hunter Chronicles” is currently available on this website. It is a 3.5 hour dark fantasy story that introduces us to the Witch Hunter and the city of Sevenpeaks.

We also have “The Will of the Woods” available on this website. A gentler story, it takes place in the mysterious Infinite Woods, where magic still roams, animals can talk and Elves dwell in the trees. Winner of the Gold Ogle Award, “The Will of the Woods” is a wonderful tale for all ages…

The Beast of the Western Wilds

Ludlov is the most respected Witch Hunter in Sevenpeaks. In this new adventure, our hero travels to the edges of the civilised world to hunt down a mysterious creature that has been terrorising a small town. Upon his arrival, the Witch Hunter is thrown into a plot involving kidnapping, dark family secrets and the most …

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