Witch Hunter – Dramatized Audiobook

Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook

What is the “Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook”?

Witch Hunter : the novel

Witch Hunter is the revised and expanded version of the award-winning audio drama ‘The Witch Hunter Chronicles’ by the same author.

Witch Hunter is a dark fantasy novel that tells the story of Ludlov, one of the most respected witch hunters in Sevenpeaks. When Sevenpeaks is overtaken by fear and death, all magic users are blamed for this turmoil. In an attempt to save the city, the Grand General Lady Hoskiv enforces the Magicide Act, which orders the witch hunters to kill all magic users, no exceptions… Ludlov suspects that Samina, a young witch, has more information on the evil cult that killed his wife. After a visit to the dungeon where she’s imprisoned before her execution, he is torn between giving up on his plan for revenge or giving up his reputation.

This is the first novel in The Legends of Sevenpeaks series, that is set in a gothic fantasy world. The story takes place in and around the biggest city of Ivennendale, Sevenpeaks. Meanwhile, a spin-off has been released called The Beast of the Western Wilds, a tale that takes place a couple of years prior to Witch Hunter. And this won’t be the last of Ludlov’s adventures…

The epic gothic fantasy novel is now available as an e-book and paperback on Amazon.

The Dramatized Audiobook

Thanks to the contributions of our crowdfunding backers, Audio Epics has been able to create the ‘dramatized audiobook’ version of this epic story.

When we say ‘dramatized’, we mean this is not a dry audiobook like most others. This audio version is read by the author but also contains the voices of Eline Hoskens and Aron Bohdanowicz. Together, they bring the story to life by portraying each character dramatically. In addition, the production is given much more dramatic ‘oomph’ by a powerfully gothic music score composed by Peter Van Riet. Sound effects and ambient soundscapes lure the listener into the dreamlike landscape of the gloomy city of Sevenpeaks.

Where can I find “Witch Hunter: The Dramatized Audiobook”?

You can buy the audiobook as a download from Bandcamp. Bandcamp is a very trustworthy platform that provides a great place for millions of musicians to make their work available to an international audience. We at Audio Epics are so positive about Bandcamp’s services that we have decided to make our downloads available exclusively on that platform. You can listen to the prologue and purchase the entire 13-hour production from Bandcamp right here:

You can also listen to Witch Hunter on YouTube and Podbean., where you can also find the spin-off The Beast of the Western Wilds.