The Beast of the Western Wilds

Hunt down The Beast of the Western Wilds in a new Witch Hunter adventure!

Ludlov is the most respected Witch Hunter in Sevenpeaks. In this new adventure, our hero travels to the

edges of the civilised world to hunt down a mysterious creature that has been terrorising a small town.

What seems at first to be a simple beast hunt, turns out to be something more sinister than that. Upon his arrival, the Witch Hunter is thrown into a plot involving kidnapping, dark family secrets and the most disturbing adversary he has ever encountered…

The Beast of the Western Wilds is a standalone adventure set in the world of Witch Hunter and created by the same team. In addition to writer/narrator/producer Domien De Groot, director/actress Eline Hoskens and composer Peter Van Riet, this dramatized audiobook also contains a full cast of new voices including big names in the audio drama community such as Karim Kronfli, Matthew McLean, Robert Cudmore, Sarah Golding and Dayn Leonardson, who also composed new music for this project.

Listen to The Beast of the Western Wilds here or on YouTube and if you enjoy the story, please support us by purchasing the download on Bandcamp!

Have you listened to the entire story? Enjoy the making of episode from the Audio Epics podcast. Here, creator Domien De Groot discusses how this adventure came to be, the decision to turn it into a prequel, the voice cast, the sound effects and the new music by Peter and Dayn.

Released: December 14th 2017