Our mission inspired by the classics

Bilbo smoking pipe in the Shire

We are both huge fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and his works. We have been looking for fantasy similar to Tolkien’s ever since, but have never found it. In creating our own epic fantasy audiobooks, we try to bring back a glimpse of the charm of The Lord of the Rings, a hint of its timeless themes and values, a speck of the epicness. Meanwhile, we want to bring the audio tales from our childhood back through this wonderful medium. We want to transport the listener to another world as they close their eyes and drift away into a land of wonder, partly evoked by the narration, voices, sound effects and music, partly by their own imagination. In this collaboration between our audio stories and the mind of the listener we try to bring back a fragment of fantasy the way it was, a long time ago. We want to bring back myths and legends of old without modern layers of nihilism and relativism. We want to breathe life into traditional heroes again.

We do this all because we are passionate about doing this, about creating these fantasy audio stories. And of course we love to do this for you, who are perhaps looking for the same thing in fantasy. Or perhaps not. Even if Audio Epics is not your cup of tea, we might still inspire you to create your own (audio) stories. Either way, we are grateful for the audience we have reached to this day, the people we have inspired and touched. We feel blessed by all the positive comments and reviews. Thank you so much!

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Our mission, your mission?

Our biggest desire is to be able to keep doing this. As a struggling small family business we aim to grow. If we could keep creating awesome fantasy stories for you on a regular basis and we would be able to buy food and pay the rent, we would be truly happy. If we could do this fulltime while being able to support our family we would have reached more than we could hope for. We are satisfied to have reached quite an audience already, a wonderfully supportive audience and we thank you for all our help. We want to keep releasing our stories online for free as podcasts (on Podbean and YouTube). You may always support us by donating on our homepage. You can also order our projects on CD. If you want the full mp3 download with lots of extras, you can order that simply by contacting us. You also get the full download for free if you post a selfie with your Witch Hunter or Will of the Woods CD box on our Facebook or Twitter page.

Mission accomplished, with your help…

...but I can carry you

Because of you – our audience – our vision for the future is becoming slightly less ‘fantastic’ and more real every day. We owe you everything! You’re the reason we feel empowered when we wake up in the morning. It’s because of you we can overcome the few hours of sleep and the setbacks. You can keep supporting us by donating but there are a million ways to help us even if you don’t want to spend money. Remember, our stories will remain online to listen to for free.

You can…

  • Write us positive reviews on platforms like Goodreads, Hebban, Amazon.co.uk and/or Amazon.com, …
  • Suggest our stories to reviewers of fantasy that you know.
  • Suggest our stories to anyone you know who would love to listen to them.
  • Refer to our professional (copy)writing, translation and audio services to anyone who can use them.
  • Listen to The Will of the Woods and Witch Hunter on YouTube as many times as you like, from start to finish.
  • Introduce us to people for cooperating on a creative project (movie, animation, audio drama).
  • Introduce us to sponsors who might love our cause?
  • Bother us with any questions or suggestions you might have.
  • Write a recommendation on our LinkedIn profile (Domien/Eline)or endorse us for a skill.

Together we can fight the battle for the heart of fantasy…

Aragorn and the army of the dead