Ronan De Groot

Executive manager, voice over, sound effects creator, quality inspector of stories

Manager RonanRonan De Groot¬†usually runs the show at Audio Epics as priority employee. He was born in November 2016. Despite the fact that he cannot speak actual sentences yet, he has since then made it quite clear what he wants, how and when. It seems like he aspires to become a musician or a writer, since he is obsessed with buttons and keyboards. But as a technology freak he might very well become an IT’er, which would also come in handy. Anyway, his seat is already reserved at Audio Epics. At the moment he lends his voice to a small amount of projects. Besides a number of minor tasks, his most important responsibility is measuring the quality of presented fantasy stories by means of his accurate snorometre.


From the start Ronan has always wanted to have and do what his parents had and did. Toy versions of phones, remotes and laptops just won’t do! He’s always interested in the real tools and (audio) devices.

His parents sincerely hope this attitude will survive puberty so that he can become a creative part of Audio Epics. If it doesn’t, they still hope he’ll pick a profession that will one day at least be of some benefit to them, like sell ice cream, wash cars or pick up the trash.