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Witches hat - Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter stories

Gothic fantasy stories in the world of Hruda, the setting of Witch Hunter, The Beast of the Western Wilds and (soon) The Treasure of Boneyard Bay.

Fairy Will of the Woods


Fairytales for all ages set in the Infinite Woods, like The Will of the Woods. The rough outline of the next story in this series is ready: The Wizard of the Woods.

Other stories

Other stories and storytelling podcast

Stories that are not our own but that we have contributed to. And we also want to explore a number of other settings and stories in the future. 

An eye for the listener

Audio Epics is an award-winning production company that creates fantasy audio drama, located in Flanders, Belgium. It was founded by Domien De Groot and Eline Hoskens, who found each other in their mutual love for storytelling and fantasy, with J.R.R. Tolkien as unbeatable favourite.

We aim to create strange and wonderful places for people of all ages to visit in their imaginations. We want to stir the heart and rouse the spirit with our fantasy audio drama productions and dramatized audiobooks. And we want to bring back the magic of the medium of audio.

Talented voice actors, beautifully composed original music and a rich environment of sounds and effects bring our stories to life.

You can freely listen to these audio dramas streaming on YouTube or Podbean, or download them on Bandcamp!

Who is behind Audio Epics?

Domien De Groot

Domien De Groot

owner, writer, voice actor, editor and producer

Domien started Audio Epics as a hobby with a friend. Inspired by the audio cassette tapes with ghost stories that his grandfather made him, the Lecturama fairytales and the audio drama’s of The Lord of the Rings he decided to write and produce his own audio stories, first in Flemish, later in English. Witch Hunter was the first story that he decided to launch on the internet, after creating many stories, some serious and some rediculous. 

Eline Hoskens - De Groot

Eline Hoskens - De Groot

owner, writer, voice actress, director

Eline joined Audio Epics when she started dating Domien in 2007. She had bought the Flemish version of The Will of the Woods and immediately saw great potential in these stories. She started directing some of the new stories and acting in them. Eventually, she offered advice and suggestions in the writing process of The Beast of the Western Wilds and co-wrote The Treasure of Boneyard Bay with Domien. 

Ronan De Groot

Ronan De Groot

Head of constructive criticism and voice actor

Ronan was the first product of this creative marriage. He was born in 2016, did a couple of voice overs for commercials his parents made for customers. His voice was used to bring the small vicious creatures in The Beast of the Western Wilds to life and little Frederic Elsenbach and he played minor parts in The Treasure of Boneyard Bay

Liam De Groot

Liam De Groot

Cheer leader and voice actor

Liam is the latest addition to the De Groot family, born in 2019. He is just as imaginative as his big brother and always eager to dress up or play a part in a story that he and his bro came up with. They are mostly thick as thieves, but Liam sometimes has to fight for participation when his big bro tends to naturally put on the hat of director.

Do you love to be immersed in a fantasy world?

So do we! We love to create new worlds and audio stories for you to enjoy!

As Audio Epics we are best known for our dramatized audiobook Witch Hunter, a gothic epic fantasy story that you can listen to for free on YouTube. The story is set in the world of Hruda which is inspired by lots of different game and table top roleplay settings, like Warhammer. That’s why there are a lot of Warhammer fantasy fans amongst our listeners. What makes our stories unique is that they are brought to life by voice performances, sound effects and an original music score by musical talents such as Peter Van Riet, Ivan Duch, Dayn Leonardson and Vincent Pichal.

About us

Domien De Groot & Eline Hoskens

Before we met, in 2007, there were a number of occassions where we could have met, because we were in the same place at the same time, but didn’t. After we met there were numerous other opportunities where we would have met. So it was clear to us: meeting each other was meant to be…
Not only do we share the same love for fantasy and storytelling but we have the same vision on what a good story should be like. In 2015 we got married and later on we discovered that we collaborate well as a writing team too.

Domien & Eline - Audio Epics


We both love fantasy as a genre. We love to escape to Middle Earth, Narnia or the wonderful settings of The Elder Scrolls. We love to discover new places in roleplay settings like Warhammer, D&D or 13th Age. We love to see entire worlds come to life in fantasy and we’re both convinced no one did it better than J.R.R. Tolkien.


We’ve both loved stories since we could enjoy them, in books, movies, games, audio books or audio dramas. Audio as a medium has always appealed to us, since it activates your imagination in a unique, vivid and memorable way. As children we were both fond of the Lecturama fairytale cassette tapes.


We both love language and stories. We studied Germanic languages and linguistics, English and Dutch in particular. We got our master degrees in linguistics (Domien) and literature (Eline) and as movie fans both picked another master in film studies and visual culture as a finishing touch.

Want to collaborate or hire us?

Are you working on a project that requires a script, sound editing or voice-over and that might be a match for us? Feel free to contact us for a possible collaboration.

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