The Fairy Tree is an immersive, 3D audio interactive fantasy adventure written by Audio Epics’ Domien De Groot and produced by The Owl Field.

Put yourself at the centre of the enchanting, mysterious, and often dangerous world of The Fairy Tree. Choose your path, decide the fate of the Realm, and discover who you truly are.


This new production is a feature length, interactive fantasy with multiple endings, a full cast, exclusive sound effects and music, written by Domien de Groot, produced in immersive 3D audio, and can be personalized.

It is The Owlfield’s most ambitious to date and features ALL of the below:
– An interactive narrative where you get to choose your path with multiple endings
– The chance for you to personalize your story and have the characters address you by name
– Our standard and award-winning immersive, first-person 3D audio experience
– The fantastical and award-winning penmanship of Domien de Groot
– A full cast, custom and exclusive sound effects and cinematic music.


Download Price: £6.99


The Fairy Tree