The adventures of Ludlov are not over!

Audio Epics is proud to announce the thrilling sequel to WITCH HUNTER…

switch blunder

In this 50-hour audio adventure, Ludlov the Witch Hunter is captured by aliens from the distant planet of Xormor VII. Aboard their vessel, Ludlov finds two switches. In an attempt to escape, he pushes one of them, only to find out it was the wrong one.

Sucked into the void of space, Ludlov at last lands on the planet Erps-Kwerps, a world without witches or magic of any kind. In fact everything is quite normal and boring there.

Out of witches to hunt, Ludlov is now forced to take up a new career as a janitor.

Will Ludlov defeat the final evil of the dirty floors?

Find out in SWITCH BLUNDER, the new adventure from Audio Epics!