Witch Hunter – Dramatized Audiobook


What is the “Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook”?

Witch Hunter : the novel

Witch Hunter is a an epic gothic fantasy novel. It is the revised and expanded version of the award-winning audio drama “The Witch Hunter Chronicles” by the same author.

Fear holds sway over the proud and ancient city of Sevenpeaks. It is said that the devil himself will soon return and that all witches, no matter how harmless they may seem, are to blame for this. The city is in turmoil after a visit from a mysterious prophet and the dreaded witch hunters are called upon to kill all magic users. Only one witch hunter refuses to participate in the slaughter. Ludlov, a fierce and devoted man driven by vengeance, believes that there is another evil at work. He suspects the same cult that murdered his wife seven years ago: the Black Sickle. The only person who can help Ludlov on his search for the truth is Samina, a beautiful young gypsy woman with magical powers…

The novel is now available as an e-book and as a paperback on Amazon.

The Dramatized Audiobook

Thanks to the contributions of our crowdfunding backers, Audio Epics has been able to create the “dramatized audiobook” version of this epic story.

When we say “dramatized”, we mean this is not a dry audiobook like most others. This audio version is read by the author but also contains the voices of Eline Hoskens and Aron Bohdanowicz. Together, they bring the story to life by portraying each character dramatically. In addition, the production is given much more dramatic ‘oomph’ by a powerfully gothic music score composed by Peter Van Riet. Sound effects and ambient soundscapes lure the listener into the dreamlike landscape of the gloomy city of Sevenpeaks.

Where can I find “Witch Hunter: The Dramatized Audiobook”?

You can buy the audiobook as a download from Bandcamp. Bandcamp is a very trustworthy platform that provides a great place for millions of musicians to make their work available to an international audience. We at Audio Epics are so positive about Bandcamp’s services that we have decided to make our downloads available exclusively on that platform. You can listen to the prologue and purchase the entire 13-hour production from Bandcamp right here: