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Mar 08

Release date!

Here is our release schedule for “The Will of the Woods”! Episode One will be available for download on this website on April 1st (this is not a joke 😉 ). There will be five episodes in total, released weekly on Mondays. We hope you will enjoy our newest audio drama!

Feb 26

The Will of the Woods trailer

As we near the release of “The Will of the Woods”, our newest audio drama, you can enjoy this short trailer we’ve created. Soon, the audio drama will be available for download for free on this website! The Will of the Woods trailer

Sep 26

Straw Into Gold

Dialed In is Aural Stage Studios’ latest audio drama anthology. It’s a show about the supernatural with a great sense of humour! This week’s episode, Straw Into Gold, was directed by Audio Epics’ very own Eline Hoskens!     Be sure to check it out here!

Jul 10

Witch Hunter art! (part 4)

This time we have a fan-created cover, label and inlay. Thanks to Happywanderer from AudioDramaTalk for making and providing these! Cover Front Cover Back Label Inlay inside (for transparent jewel cases) Inlay outside  

Jun 22

Witch Hunter Art (part 3)!

Witch Hunter CD booklet

Today we’ve got something special. This is a nice foldable CD cover for those audio drama enthusiasts who like to write our productions on CDs and present them in a beautiful way. If we ever publish Witch Hunter on CD, this is probably what it will look like. The art is by Eva Brarens.

May 24

Witch Hunter Art! (part 2)

Today we’re happy to show you this beautiful illustration of Samina by artist Matias Tapia!

May 15

Witch Hunter art! (part 1)

The first in our series “Witch Hunter art” is this little bust of Ludlov sculpted in clay by his writer and voice actor, Domien:

Apr 10

A new tale is growing…

Recording of The Will of the Woods has begun. Stephanie Cuyt, who played Samina in the Witch Hunter Chronicles, has played her first scenes as Myrilia, the heroine of the story. Besides Stephanie, the cast of the audio drama includes Domien De Groot as a mysterious wraith, Eline Hoskens, Niklaas Reinhold, Grace van Lysebetten, James …

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Mar 06

Ready to begin…

The audioplay for The Will of the Woods is finished, the recording material is present and Audio Epics is ready to start recording the new project!

Mar 06

Bloody puppets!

You can hear the voice of Audio Epics‘ Domien De Groot in Puppets, a new audio drama from 19 Nocturne Boulevard, written and directed by Julie Hoverson. Domien plays the evil brigadier in this disturbing and graphic tale of horror and chopped-off limbs. You can listen to Puppets here. You can find many more disturbing …

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