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Jan 11

“Witch Hunter” becomes “The Legacy of Sevenpeaks”

Witch Hunter was a very special experience for Audio Epics. It certainly was the most epic and ambitious work we’ve tried to create, and while it wasn’t always easy, it was an amazing experience. The dramatized audiobook quickly became our most popular audio production ever. Outside of the audio version, the book was received enthusiastically as well. It was always our …

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May 04

The Audio Epics approach: Part Three – Narration

This topic seems to be the most contentious one within the audio drama community. Many contributors to the world of contemporary audio storytelling have strong opinions about having a narrator in the story or not. So why is this such an important question? At its heart, I think the discussion surrounding narration is about the …

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Mar 01

The Audio Epics approach: Part One – It all began with an image

I’m a member of a few Facebook groups about audio drama. There is a lot of discussion in these places about the nature of audio drama, how to write them, how to produce them, what good voice acting is, etcetera. It can get quite philosophical at times. The online audio drama community is very passionate …

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Jan 15

Witch Hunter Influences: Warhammer Fantasy

Witch Hunter and Warhammer Fantasy Warhammer Fantasy? What is that and what has it got to do with the audio adventures of Ludlov and Samina? Allow me to explain. Every creative endeavour has its influences. George Lucas lists Flash Gordon, Akira Kurosawa and the works of Joseph Campbell as some of his most important inspirations …

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Jul 01

The road to Witch Hunter – part 2: the Witch Hunter audiobook

“The road to Witch Hunter” by Domien De Groot In these articles I reminisce about the long road we took to the creation of the upcoming “Witch Hunter” dramatized audiobook. Last time I explained where the inspiration came from for the original audio drama. Today I conclude the story from that point on.

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Jun 10

The road to Witch Hunter – Part 1

The road to “Witch Hunter” by Domien De Groot People have asked me where the story of “Witch Hunter” comes from and when they do, I shudder. Not because there’s anything wrong with that question, but simply because it makes me think back on the long, long road to the version we are currently making: …

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Feb 22

Audio Epics Friends Podcast with Ilias Vertenten

Today we have something entirely new, which we call the Audio Epics Friends Podcast. The other day I (Domien) sat down with my good friend Ilias Vertenten, a graphic design artist whose work will be seen in the digital goodiepack version of the Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook. We had a chat about the interplay of inspiration …

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Jan 30

An interview on AD Production

Recently, Audio Epicss’ Domien De Groot was interviewed by Matthew McLean for the excellent Audio Drama Production Podcast (which is an excellent and enjoyable resource whether you are new to the medium or an experienced creator yourself, by the way). In the interview, he spoke about the upcoming Witch Hunter dramatized audiobook, The Will of …

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Apr 22

The Will of the Woods – Episode Four

It’s Monday, so that means a new episode of “The Will of the Woods”! As we come closer to the conclusion of the story, Myrilia and the Wraith encounter the rats of Coral Lake…