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Aug 17

Unboxing video!

Unboxing a bunch of awesome stuff that we’re releasing! First up is The Beast of the Western Wilds — the book, which is already available on amazon. And then we’re showing off the CD versions of The Will of the Woods and Witch Hunter that you can soon order on

Jun 02

The Will of the Woods now on the Audio Epics Podcast!

The Witch Hunter Podcast has changed its name and is now known as the Audio Epics podcast. Last week we released the final episode of Ludlov’s epic saga, but the podcast continues! Discover the Inifinite Woods today in the first episode of The Will of the Woods over at the Audio Epics podcast!

Nov 23

The Will of the Woods … on tape?

Audio Epics has teamed up with In Ear Entertainment to bring you The Will of the Woods in a brand new version! The Will of the Woods is an award-winning fantasy fairy tale audio drama brought to life with a talented cast of voice actors, lively sound effects and a rich, original music score. Now, for the …

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Feb 01

The Will of the Woods

The Will of the Woods is a fantasy audio drama for all ages. Both children and adults can enjoy it. The audio drama brings a mysterious world to life with a distinct sense of magic and atmosphere, combining a richly layered original music score with great voice acting and sound effects. The story itself is …

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Aug 05

The Will of the Woods The Movie

We’ve done some brainstorming about: “What if the Will of the Woods were a movie and we were to cast any actor or actress we liked”.   We came up with the following list for our imaginary cast: Myrilia: Saoirse Ronan Nuzwick: Thomas Brodie-Sangster Nuzwick (grown up): Robert Pattinson Voltom: Jim Broadbent The Wraith: Alan …

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