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Mar 05

The Witch Hunter Podcast

The first episode of the podcast is out! We’ve’ decided to turn Witch Hunter into a podcast! Every week a new episode will be released online! The first episode is out right now, covering the entire first chapter of the epic dark fantasy adventure. About the Witch Hunter Podcast This podcast is an episodic “dramatized …

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Feb 07

Witch Hunter on Youtube!

Witch Hunter: The Dramatized Audiobook is now on Youtube! Or at least, the first chapter is, but if you listen to the end, there is a very nice little surprise there! Many people use Youtube to discover new music, podcasts and audiobooks. Audio Epics has a presence on Youtube as well! Our crowdfunding videos were …

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Nov 23

The Will of the Woods … on tape?

Audio Epics has teamed up with In Ear Entertainment to bring you The Will of the Woods in a brand new version! The Will of the Woods is an award-winning fantasy fairy tale audio drama brought to life with a talented cast of voice actors, lively sound effects and a rich, original music score. Now, for the …

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Oct 20

Witch Hunter Dramatized Audio Trailer

Witch Hunter is a an epic gothic fantasy novel. It is the revised and expanded version of the award-winning audio drama “The Witch Hunter Chronicles” by the same author. This is the trailer for this exciting production. Please enjoy and share it!

Jul 27

New preview of the Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook!

It’s time for a second preview of the Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook! Last time we heard about Ludlov’s approach to the city of Sevenpeaks while it was burning. In this snippet from the early parts of the book, we learn a bit about the witch hunter’s inner turmoil.

Feb 01

The Will of the Woods

The Will of the Woods is a fantasy audio drama for all ages. Both children and adults can enjoy it. The audio drama brings a mysterious world to life with a distinct sense of magic and atmosphere, combining a richly layered original music score with great voice acting and sound effects. The story itself is …

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Oct 02

Awesome interview about WITCH HUNTER: the dramatized audiobook

Jack Ward from the Sonic Society had a Skype conversation with Domien and Eline from Audio Epics to talk about the upcoming “Witch Hunter” dramatized audiobook. You can listen to it on Youtube now!

Sep 04

Final count!

And so our “Witch Hunter” crowdfunding campaign ends at a final count of $ 1,666! We couldn’t think of a more fitting number, as explained in the video below:

Aug 27

7 more days to go!

We reveal our plans in this latest update of our campaign. Seven more days to go!

Aug 21

Say hello to the new cover!

Our cover design for Witch Hunter: the dramatized audiobook. This will be what you see when you play the audiobook on Bandcamp or your player of preference:

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