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Voice Actors

Stephanie Cuyt is one of the main voice actors for Audio Epics. She plays Samina in The Witch Hunter Chronicles and will play the lead role of Myrilia in the upcoming The Will of the Woods.


Niklaas Reinhold played Death, mayor Grundheim and several other, smaller parts in The Witch Hunter Chronicles. He’s a master of voices and very versatile with accents. He also fronts the metal band Lemuria.


Gracy van Lysebetten has been with Audio Epics for a while. She performed the crucial role of General Hoskiv in The Witch Hunter Chronicles and will return in a humorous supporting role in The will of the Woods.


Aron Bohdanowicz is the newest member of our team. You can hear his voice in The Will of the Woods where he plays Voltom the mole alchemist as well as a number of rats with funny accents! More of his humorous works will appear on Audio Epics in the future…