Jun 30

The Beast of the Western Wilds – Teaser

A new teaser, featuring The Song of the Bog-witch performed by Eline Hoskens and written by Domien De Groot.

Jun 24

The Beast of the Western Wilds

Our new production, The Beast of the Western Wilds, has been written. It’s a new adventure set before the events in Witch Hunter. Ludlov is once more the protagonist in this gothic horror extravaganza that takes place in the wilderness far from the well-known streets of Sevenpeaks.

The Beast of the Western Wilds can be enjoyed with no previous knowledge of Witch Hunter, although that dramatized audiobook can be enjoyed for free on Bandcamp, YouTube and Podbean, so why wouldn’t you?

Like Witch Hunter, we will release this story both as an e-book and as a dramatized audiobook. The audio version will feature multiple voice actors, sound effects and an original music score. Recording is set to begin in July.

Jun 01

An episode every week? Can it be done?

In the newest episode of the Audio Epics podcast, we’re asking a question to you, the audience. Do you think we would be viable on Patreon? Who would support us? We want to do whatever we can to start creating more audio stories in a shorter time period without reducing the quality.

Apr 25

Questions about Witch Hunter

Here is another new episode of the Audio Epics podcast! In this episode, we take the time to answer a bunch of questions listeners have asked about Witch Hunter. I had a great time doing this, so if you liked this episode, tell us and send us more questions so we can do another one! Type a comment on YouTube or send us an e-mail with your questions!

Apr 13

A tribute to my grandfather

There is a new episode of the Audio Epics podcast. In this episode, I (Domien) reminisce about my grandfather, who passed away three months ago and who was a great influence on my audio drama stuff. I also ramble on a bit about upcoming stories and I say thanks to all the YouTubers out there who have supported us so much.

Apr 04

A tribute to Bill Hollweg

The new episode of our podcast is very brief, but we wanted to devote it to one thing only: a tribute to Bill Hollweg, a great and inspiring man in the world of modern audio drama, a true fan and artist, who sadly passed away this week.

Apr 01

Witch Hunter movie in the making!

If you enjoyed our audio drama Witch Hunter, or the novel, we have good news for you!

The movie rights to Witch Hunter have been picked up by Universal Studios and a movie is now officially in the making. The movie will star Adam Sandler as Ludlov and Drew Barrymore as Samina, reuniting the couple who made The Wedding Singer and Fifty First Dates such endearing romantic comedies.

“I very much look forward to inhabiting the role of Ludlov,” says Sandler. “The character feels like it was written with me in mind.”

“I don’t really care about this stupid story, I just like to have fun with Adam Sandler on the set”, admits Drew Barrymore in an interview with Vanity Fair.

We look forward to the movie, which is being directed by Martin Scorsese and adapted for the screen by J.J. Abrams.

Feb 13

New Witch Hunter story announcement

With this video, we would like to announce our next project: it’s a shorter story about Ludlov, chronicling one of his cases as a Witch Hunter just a few months before the events told in “Witch Hunter”. This story will be released later in 2017. Enjoy this little teaser.

Jan 11

“Witch Hunter” becomes “The Legacy of Sevenpeaks”

Witch Hunter was a very special experience for Audio Epics. It certainly was the most epic and ambitious work we’ve tried to create, and while it wasn’t always easy, it was an amazing experience. The dramatized audiobook quickly became our most popular audio production ever. Outside of the audio version, the book was received enthusiastically as well.

It was always our intention to do more with Witch Hunter. We definitely intend to return to this world at some point in the future. Of course we love Ludlov as a character, but the world he inhabits is bigger and after some deliberation, we decided that we needed an overall title for the stories in this setting. And that title is now The Legacy of Sevenpeaks.

To cement this, the novel Witch Hunter is now re-released on Amazon under the title The Legacy of Sevenpeaks – Book One: Witch Hunter.

This new edition also comes with a map of Sevenpeaks within its pages, drawn by our friend Mihaela Rotea (www.lizart.be). The new version of Witch Hunter will be available on Amazon within the next 5 days.


Oct 11

The Fairy Tree available now!

The Fairy Tree is an immersive, 3D audio interactive fantasy adventure written by Audio Epics’ Domien De Groot and produced by The Owl Field.

Put yourself at the centre of the enchanting, mysterious, and often dangerous world of The Fairy Tree. Choose your path, decide the fate of the Realm, and discover who you truly are.


This new production is a feature length, interactive fantasy with multiple endings, a full cast, exclusive sound effects and music, written by Domien de Groot, produced in immersive 3D audio, and can be personalized.

It is The Owlfield’s most ambitious to date and features ALL of the below:
– An interactive narrative where you get to choose your path with multiple endings
– The chance for you to personalize your story and have the characters address you by name
– Our standard and award-winning immersive, first-person 3D audio experience
– The fantastical and award-winning penmanship of Domien de Groot
– A full cast, custom and exclusive sound effects and cinematic music.


Download Price: £6.99


The Fairy Tree

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